Thursday, September 16, 2010

100 days til Christmas!

Can you believe that the holidays are fast approaching? I swear, I just found my hidden stash of gifts from last year and it's already time for me to find another hiding place so great that I lose half the presents again!

Thankfully, the way we do Christmas it's only the stocking stuffers that are getting lost. With a large family, the volume of things coming in to our very small house between Christmas and the holiday birthdays was a bit...stressful. We had to make some changes.

The biggest change we did was to get a large gift for the whole family. Two years ago, it was a Wii. Last year? A new TV. We waited in line at Target on Black Friday for 4 hours to get that TV. D says never again.

This year I'm not sure what big family gift we are going to get. D wants a new house. I am pretty sure he's going to have to wait on that one!

While I ponder on the family gift, I am still going to try to make this holiday season as organized as possible. If you're interested in getting organized this holiday, head on over to 100 days til Christmas. I'm sure you'll be inspired!

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