Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeling Inspired

This weekend I had an aha! moment. My dishwasher is broken and I'm having to hand wash dishes. I usually hate doing dishes. I'd rather do laundry than dishes and I hate laundry. Dishes are a chore I usually pawn off on the kids. D often reminds me we had lots of kids just so we don't have to do chores any more :P

The kids have never had to hand wash dishes and I really didn't want to deal with the mess of teaching them right now. I went to the dr and they found a tennis ball sized cyst on my right ovary. So I'm not in the most pleasant moods with all the pain. It's just easier for me to do some things myself.

And I discovered something rather amazing while doing dishes. First, I get to wear my aprons and I love wearing aprons. Second, when I start hand washing dishes, the kids scatter to the winds. No one comes in the kitchen to talk to me or ask for anything. They are afraid I'm going to give them a job to do. Suddenly, washing dishes has become downright desirable way for me to spend my time! Silence! Glorious silence in a house full of kids.

Now, I'm not as anxious to replace the dishwasher!

The other big discovery was it doesn't take as long to wash the dishes as I feared. Even on the weekend when the kids are home dirtying every single dish in the house.

Tonight, I felt brave enough to tackle baking cupcakes from scratch. I'm not talking about out of a box scratch. This is Martha Stewart's Cupcake Book from scratch. In keeping with being my children, they couldn't decide which amazing cupcake for me to make. We put all the ones they couldn't decide upon in to a bowl and D drew out the winning recipe. Naturally, there were protests but once they realized it was really the only fair way, the screams were silenced.

We made the Devil's Food Cupcakes.I don't like Devil's Food. These cupcakes made me once again realize that there are few foods I don't like. It's that manner of preparation that usually kills the food. Martha has made the perfect recipe. It was simply amazing. I didn't have the ingredients to do any icing, and I don't particularly care for icing anyway. So we just ate cake. Glorious cake.

Another inspiration for me this weekend came from a blog I found called New Dress A Day. I have this dress I love. I wore it all the time when I was pregnant. It's fun and billowy and maternity. Being that I am not nor will I ever be pregnant again, the dress needs to find new life in my closet. I have plans to make it in to a skirt. Hopefully I will get to it this week.

At the kids consignment sale I found a polo in the right shade of purple for Leelee's school uniform. Of course it was an XL and she wears a medium. BUT it was also $1 so I figured, what the heck, let's see if we can't make it in to a medium. i've got mad sewing skillz, ya know. Maybe the madness is the fact that I think I can take in a polo shirt, but whatever. i cut it up and it was $1. I am going to attempt the alterations tomorrow while the terrorist is at preschool and little miss is down for her nap.

So what are you inspirations for the week? Anything got y'all excited to do something new?


  1. Micki,
    You simply inspire me. I have a dish washer but I choose to wash by hand too. I guess its my way of proving to my step mom I CAN DO IT RIGHT! haha

    Thank you!

  2. "... the kids scatter to the winds. No one comes in the kitchen to talk to me or ask for anything."

    Good point - I've never thought of it that way! Must change my mindset...


Thanks and have a great day!