Friday, September 24, 2010

Six Words Friday: Thankful


So many things fill my heart
Bringing me joy, peace, comfort, contentment

The Boy: making everyone grow, adapt
Square peg + round hole = no problem!

Leelee: amazing, smart, confident, giggly, blossoming
Child to young woman so quickly

Little B: my sweet, sensitive boy
The biggest heart; thinks he's funny

Danger Girl: scruffy, dirty, sometimes smelly
Curly haired, ambitious, nothing stopping her

The Terrorist: Soon to be Fabulous
Growing in confidence, loving being herself

Little Miss: My little baby girl
Not little, not baby, definitely girl

My children. My heart is filled
You bring me the greatest joy
For each one, I am thankful


  1. i had to check your profile.

    how many kids? truly amazing stuff.

    i look forward to reading more!

  2. 6 Children! 6 individuals! I enjoyed the peek inside each of them. Thanks.

  3. Every one different, every one amazing.
    Every one inspiring your thankful heart!


  4. Lovely tribute to each one of your children!

  5. Each child is truly a blessing.
    We have 5 in the house
    It's only for today, yet exhausting.
    I am impressed by your stamina!


Thanks and have a great day!