Sunday, September 5, 2010

What goes around comes around!

We have a neighbor that needs a few lessons on how to be nice in addition to how to drive. She can't back out of her driveway without needing to come all the way to the curb in front of our house. When she first moved in, she asked us not to park in front of our house because of this (and the fact she doesn't have insurance!)

Being neighborly, we started parking both our vehicles in our driveway. Sometimes, parking in front of our house is unavoidable since we have two vehicles.

In June, someone from her property back straight out and hit D's car...then took off. They did sizable damage to his car and we had to pay the deductible to get it fixed. The officer who investigated the accident said we were not parked illegally (I asked!)

Fast forward to yesterday...D's car was parked on the street because I needed the van. She came over and asked us to move. I happily moved the car for her, even though no one else on the block seems to have the same trouble maneuvering out of driveways with other cars parked on the street!

Today, D moved the car to the street so he could take the kids to church. I'm not feeling well, so I stayed home. Neighbor comes over banging on the door demanding I move the car. Problem is, I can't. D has the keys. His car has an electronic key and we've never gotten around to ordering another one. I told neighbor I would be more than happy to call D to move the car, but it would be at least 3o minutes before he could get back here.

She completely flipped out at me. She used all sorts of foul language. I didn't yell back. I told her she needed to calm down. She threatened to call the police. I refused to yell at her. That just made her more angry, I think!

Neighbor had company over and they were blocking my driveway from backing out! Oh the hypocrisy!

I went to call D and she eventually managed to get her small pick-up out of the driveway. If she would have turned just slightly, there wouldn't have been an issue at all. She just can't drive.

I was so upset, I locked the doors to the house. I peeked out the window and the realization hit me that the green pick-up parked in front of her house just might be the one that hit us in June! I got much more brave and walked over to the house and inspected the vehicle. Sure enough, red paint on the bumper. I took a picture of the damage AND the license plate, found our police report and called the police.


The officer said he'd be right over. He took FOREVER. But when he arrived he explained the reason for the delay.

There are two ways to get to our house from the police station. For whatever reason, he opted to go the back way. And, turning on to that road from a street in our neighborhood was a green truck. The officer, thinking it couldn't be *that* easy, decided to follow him anyway and check the plate. Sure enough, it was the truck in question.

Officer informed the driver he was investigating a hit & run. Cited the driver for suspended license and no insurance (shocker--NOT). The driver said he had no idea about the accident and had never been to our neighbor's house. Officer said he was a reconstruction expert and if he found out driver was lying, he'd arrest him for giving a false report to police, and asked driver again if he was sure he didn't know anything about the accident!

Wouldn't you know it, but the driver admitted to being the one to hit our car. He was also cited with failure to report an accident and fleeing the scene of an accident. He earned himself about $1000 in tickets.

And the officer wouldn't let him leave til someone else got there to drive his truck because poor mr driver didn't have a driver's license.

I am sure relations with our neighbor are not going to improve over this. I fully expect some sort of retaliation. But, I know the law is on my side. I asked the officer if D's car was parked legally and he said yes. So, I'm going to inform her of this if she makes an issue of it again.

We are trying to do the neighborly thing but, my goodness, you don't scream and curse at someone like that! Nor do you lie to the police when your friend hits a car and takes off.

I'm totally going to smile and wave next time I see her :P


  1. you go girl! Firm but fair..God's love isnt alway niceties and touchy feely stuff! Hang in there..good ALWAYS wins over evil! God planned it that way!

  2. awsome! I am SO glad it 'clicked'! I hope you find a way to make them pay for your deductible. Next time the old bat comes banging file a harassment charge.

  3. Makes one believe in karma. Loved discovering your blog! I'm an ADD mama also, with one ADD kid.

  4. Great story. Glad you finally got the upper-hand. We have a similar neighbor. She gets really mad at us when we park on the street in front of her house. She never parks in her garage or driveway... don't know why. She's got her house up for sale so we can't wait for her to move.

  5. I swear our lives are so similar. My neighbor got her DUES also! YAY FOR JUSTICE!

  6. thought your blocked driveway story was awesome, been there done that with hit and run car accident!!!

    our neighbors hate us cause my hubby like bamboo for a hobby, since we are on fixed income and lawn mover broke our yard literally looks like a jungle with all the weeds and recent rains etc!!!

    i dont know if i have a.d.d., but my kids do with learning disorders and asthma, i home school with heart and lung and former seizure disorder(who knew mega doses of magnesium and calcium and etc work better then any stupid anti-seizure med i ever tried)

    for stress from homeschooling i take st john wort and valerian root and super b complex liq gels for energy and stress mgmt!!!

    only have 2 kids THANK U JESUS, cause my hubby who is almost 20 yrs older then me starting to act like in 2nd childhood or begin stage alzheimers oh the fun!!!

    so glad jesus love me uncond some times i dont know how i make w/o him, im in my late 40's , kids in tweens etc, hubby older.


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