Monday, October 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- Oct 11

A whole week went by with very little chance to blog. Don't worry. D did something stupid (love ya, honey!) and I will blog about it once he's not so sensitive about it. The drugs are starting to wear off, so he's a wee bit cranky.

This is fair week, but because of life happenings, we're not doing the fair this year. It's a good thing because this is a crazy week without adding going to the fair pretty much every day in to the mix.

The kids are staging a fair of their very own in the backyard. They have plans to wake up at 630 a.m. to set the whole thing up. If any of them happen to wake me up in the process...well, it won't be pretty.

Last week we had some delicious food. D was disappointed when he came home from work Friday and discovered we weren't having pizza. "But it's Friday. We always have pizza on Friday!" So, pizza is making its return to Friday night. We ended up having pizza Saturday night. I changed it up a bit and made a few deep dish pizzas instead of three larges. We had BBQ with banana peppers and a margarita pizza (yum!)

The Maple Walnut Chicken was so bad, D opened up a can of soup...and he hates soup. Only one of the kids liked it. It was a universal YUK, which doesn't happen very much around here.

Sweet Mustard Beef Roast
was definitely the highlight. It was absolutely delicious!


Sun- Buttermilk Fried Chicken (from the plaid BH&G cookbook...CLASSIC!), squash w/ carmelized onion and garlic, fresh veggies
Monday: Ham and potatoes
Tuesday- TBD
Wednesday-- Slow Roasted Pork with cabbage, carrots and carroway
Thursday --Deep Dish Mexican Meatza Pizza
(this is a family favorite)

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