Friday, October 1, 2010

Six Words Friday: For the Record

For the Record

For the record, I am employed
I get paid in hugs, kisses
Dirty Laundry, Dirty Dishes, Dirty Floors
Don't get dirty or clean alone

Writing, Sewing, couponing, volunteering, tutoring, cleaning
Mom is a full-time job

Don't let people tell you differently

I write. I'm good at it.
I went to college for it.
Admit it, I've made you laugh
I have educated and informed you
That makes me a real writer
Plus, sometimes I actually make money

Sewing is an old school skill
Never thought I'd be a seamstress
Never thought my work was good
But it is. People buy it.
The proof is in the profit.

I wanted to be a writer
Now I sew more than write

I was never to be mom
I spent more time as mom
Than on any other job/hobby

Yet somewhere I am mocked, undervalued
Because I am not working/producing
As if 21 hours of labor
(that is total for 6 kids
go ahead hate me for it)
As if bringing 6 brilliant kids
into this world wasn't enough contribution

I am raising them to be:
Smart, Sensitive, hardworking, creative, brilliant, productive

I am taking my intelligence, skills
and teaching. Giving back. Giving forward.

Future generations will call me blessed
Because I have blessed my children
with my time. with my heart.

For the record: I am MOM


  1. You tell 'em! (and have them try to pay someone to do all the things you do, if you can even get them to)

  2. It's true...I'd say that job was worth atleast 200 grand a year!

  3. Yeah, all your labor combined was like just ONE of my births. I think I do hate you a little now. :/. LOL

  4. This post is really incredible!

  5. That's right! MOM. And working hard.

  6. Tell it like it is, MOM!
    It's hard work, this mothering gig.


Thanks and have a great day!