Monday, October 4, 2010

Speech Therapy

This week is starting out quite well. It finally feels like fall here in central Alabama. I actually had to put on long pants and socks. Today, I'm even wearing a sweater! The high today is in the mid 70s. It's downright chilly!

It's taken me 6 years, but I can finally wrap my head around mid 70s being soup weather. Of course, in about two months when it's still in the mid 70s and I'm hanging up Christmas lights, we'll talk about how well I'm adjusting to the southern climate.

It was a typical Monday for me. Running late. Can't find my car keys. The kids missed the bus. On the way to taking Little B and Danger Girl to school, I remembered I had a meeting at Little B's school at 945. Dropped Danger Girl off at her school, ran my errands, did the preschool drop off, ran home, showered, then took Little B to school just in time for the meeting.

Little B is going back in to speech therapy. He has problems with his Rs. Did you know there are 21 variations of the letter R? Because of all the different variations in how R is used in English, when the R sound is off, it effects the way the child's entire speech sounds. Of those 21 variations, Little B can consistently make one of them...RL as in squirrel. He can sometimes say AIR as in FAIR. He failed to make all the remaining R variants. He'll attend speech twice a week, probably for the next two school years. Hopefully he won't be going off to middle school getting speech therapy.

This isn't a surprise to us. Little B started speech therapy at age 4 with a major articulation delay. D and I were pretty much the only people who could understand him and that was only about half the time. He caught up to what were considered "normal" delays in second grade and was dismissed from speech. I don't really understand how a kid who had to be taught how to make pretty much all sounds properly would suddenly figure out R on his own, but that's the way the school system works. Now that they consider him "broken" again, we can move forward with fixing it.

He's very excited about going back in to speech. He's been very self-conscious about his delays.

Danger Girl sounds just like Little B when she talks, but for right now, it's considered developmentally appropriate. I'm probably going to ask for an evaluation anyway, just in case I've become so accustomed to listening to her that I'm missing something. It can't hurt. I just have to remind the speech pathologist that she's an older first grader, rather than a young one! On paper, she should be in second. Pesky birthday a week before the cut-off.

Meanwhile Little Miss is finally starting to talk. She's lagging behind where the others (except for the Boy) were at this age. But she's making progress. She says important words like mommy and chocolate and cupcakes.


  1. does anyone REALLY need any words besides mommy, chocolate & cupcake? :)

    i'm enjoying the chilly weather, too! it'll be back in the mid 80's by the end of the week over here, but i'm soaking it in while i can.

  2. Hi, I enjoy your blog, my husband is a speech therapist. I am glad your little one likes his speech therapy:) Take care


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