Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kitty Troubles

Josie adopted us a little more than a year ago. She integrated very well in to our family after she sneaked her children in to our home. We found new homes for her babies and then fixed the baby problem permanently. Josie has been a wonderful and patient cat.

With the cooler weather, Josie has decided she likes being outside. When she wants out, she jumps up on the backdoor, literally hanging from the window until someone lets her out. After she's had her fun, she will stare at us through the back door (still hanging by her paws) til we let her in.

I've never met a cat quite like Josie.

She has decided D is her human. She will sit on him and groom him like one of her kittens. D's siblings tend to think this is funny since D is *not* a cat person. Like most cats, Josie completely ignores those who love her and focuses her attention on the one person around that tolerates her existence. It's like the cat takes it as a personal challenge: Resistance is futile. I will assimilate you. You will serve me, puny human.

I do like to give Josie a special treat in the form of a can of cat food. She really appreciates me on those days and won't give me the evil eye like she normally does.

The last day or so, I've smelled the most horrendous smell, like something is dying. Josie likes to leave me special treats, like dead lizards. Somehow, I don't think a can of cat food really compares with the dead lizard, but Josie is proud of the carcasses she leaves near my shoes. Perhaps its some sort of peace offering. She recognizes that I do run things around here. D is merely her underling. I, however, deserve some sort of respectful disdain.

The lizards don't typically stink, so I was perplexed on what it could be. No one else in the house could smell anything. No one ever does.

I searched high and low. When I got low the smell got worse. I was certain I was going to find some dead rotting corpse gift. That was almost better than what I did find. One of the cans of soft cat food had been punctured and slowly was rotting. Go ahead and throw up, I give you permission.

I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to find some sort of scent combination to get rid of the stench.

Josie was also the center of trouble around 2 in the morning. D and I were roused from a very peaceful sleep by the sound of someone breaking in to our home!


Then the cat sounded like someone stepped on her and was trying to strangle her. D and bolted out of the room to figure out what was going on as the wailing continued, followed by a SLAM in the girls' room.

Josie was carrying on like she was under attack, trying to ram herself into the window. Was it possible the cat had finally lost her mind?

Nope. She is just insanely territorial. Perched on the other side of the window with a smug look was another cat, taunting Josie with that "You can't catch me, neener neener" look.

We had to physically remove Josie from the girls' room and shut the door. Josie spent the next 20 minutes prowling the house and looking out every window making sure the other cat wasn't there.

Maybe we ought to invest in one of those Beware of Cat signs!

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