Sunday, November 28, 2010

Please be patient!

It's been a bit crazy around here, but I wanted to assure everyone that we are still very much alive.

We have been dealing with a birthday, everyone home all day for an entire week due to Thanksgiving, me finding various ways to injure myself, prepping everyone in the family for the possibility of a move and I started working a nice little holiday job.

Initially, we were hoping to move over the Christmas holiday, but now we're to the point of hoping the move happens by Spring Break. I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic. It's a good thing that things are taking so long because it's giving The Boy more time to get used to the idea. He is very reluctant to move. He has responsibilities at church that he takes very seriously. If we move, there will be no other boys in his age group to take on these duties. He wants us to wait until he is 14 to move. He turns 14 in March. At the rate things are going, he may get his wish.

As to the holiday job, I am doing the Santa photos at the mall again. I really love this job. The mall I worked at before decided to take the Santa photos using one of the portrait places at the mall instead of contracting with a holiday event company, so that left me out of a job. I took last year off since Little Miss was so small. This year I'm at a new mall, much busier and I'm not the manager! That's really a good thing because I just enjoy taking pictures with no responsibilities beyond that. It doesn't seem like being the manager is that big of a deal, but it's a lot more than just making the parents happy. Been There, Done That...Got the T-shirt ... donated it to charity. Nope, I'll just stick to snapping unflattering pictures of screaming children and collecting outrageous amounts of money for them.

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