Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten Tips for New Moms

It's a bit sad for me to be moving out of the baby stage, but I do have some tips for new moms. Twittermoms is sponsoring a program with Lysol to give tips to new moms. I really miss the baby stage. I love newborns. They are so snuggly. And they need you. And they don't talk back. And when you put them down, they are exactly where you left them.

Having had six kids, I would like to pass on some tips to other new moms welcoming home baby.

1. Don't do too much. It's really easy to fall into the supermom trap. The hormones are flying high and you no longer fill like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloon. But the best thing you can do is stay in bed and let everyone do everything. It's ok! Take time to recover physically.

2. Sleep when the baby sleeps. This tip you hear all the time, but it's true. Baby's sleep schedule is crazy. Avoid the temptation to get "caught up" on things when baby is sleeping. Your body will thank you for it.

3. If someone asks if she can do anything, be specific on your needs. A good friend will be more than happy to help wash floors if you need it!

4. Consider a Post Partum Doula. A Post Partum Doula is like a maid for after you have the baby. She does the things you can't ask your mom or mother-in-law to do. She makes you take care of yourself. I had one after the birth of my third child and it was by far the best recovery. She took my older kids to the park, scrubbed my floors, brought me food. It was great!

5. Know what is normal for a nursing baby. One common concern among new moms is knowing what's normal when baby eats. A newborn's stomach is the size of a marble and will grow over time. It is absolutely NORMAL for a baby to want to nurse every hour! The more you nurse the baby, the more milk you make. Every single bottle offered to the baby will impact your supply.

6. Input equals Output. If you are concerned about whether or not baby is eating enough, pay attention to how many wet and poopy diapers. Baby is eating enough if there are 6-8 wet diapers a day. Babies also typically wet when they poop.

7. Be specific with your partner. A lot of dads are clueless. They couldn't do anything during the pregnancy and now that the baby's here, they are scared. The only thing that seems to help baby is being with mom. So dad's job continues to be taking care of mom. But, you need to be specific with what you need. Is it the trash? the dishes? Men aren't mind readers and are fixers. If they see you and baby getting frustrated with nursing, they are going to say use formula because it's an instant fix. it's something the dad knows will solve the problem. If this isn't an option you want to consider, make sure it's known in advance. Get a panic plan in place.

8. Be true to your heart. If it feels wrong for you, then it's probably wrong. This is your baby! Trust your heart not what the "experts" say. you are your baby's best advocate!

9. You don't have to please everyone. Say no to unwanted visitors. Say no to unwanted tasks. Get in the habit now of saying NO. People will be upset but that is their issue, not yours!

10. Remember the Yard Stick. Imagine your child's life is a yard stick. Each year of life is marked by one inch on the stick. See how small that first year of life is? And those tiny marks are each month! This newborn, needy, sleepless time is just a blip. It will be gone. I know how hard it is getting through the days that feel like they will drag on forever without sleep. But it really is gone so fast.

I can't emphasize how important the Yard Stick is. My oldest child was born at 4 lbs 1 oz. He spent 3 weeks in the NICU. It felt like it would never end. So many of his stages felt like they would never end. But now, The Boy is 4 inches taller than me. He's in the 8th grade. He doesn't need me as much as he did back then!

These moments when baby needs you and only you are so precious and fleeting. Cherish them.

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