Saturday, January 1, 2011

31 Days of Gratitude...Day 1

Today marks the first day of 2011 and my first day of Gratitude. For the next month, my goal is to blog every day about something for which I am grateful. Giving my blogging history of late, this is a pretty lofty goal. ;)

We rang in the new year with extended family. This is a definite gratitude.

Six years ago, we moved from Oregon to Alabama and left our families behind. Our closest relative was D's sister S and her husband DD. They are in the Air Force and were stationed a few hours away. One of the perks of serving our country is moving around. It didn't take long for them to be transferred to a very frozen place. S was so excited to move some where cold and frozen, since she didn't grow up with snow. That lasted one winter...from August to June before her blog was full of reasons she hated that particular state.

Our next closest relative was D's brother D3 (as to distinguish him from brothers D1, D2, and sister D5...and well, sister S. She's the oddball) D3 and his family lived 9 hours away. To visit them takes a bit of planning. We've seen them once in the years we've been here.

Other than that, our visits with family have taken lots of planning and usually me having a baby or major surgery.

This summer, the Air Force saw fit to transfer S and DD back to the south. They are now just the perfect family distance away...Close enough to visit but far enough away they need to call first!

And call they did. . . Christmas morning, to invite us over. Sadly, we were recovering from some sort of plague. We kept our germs to ourselves.

Wednesday, they called again. DD would be passing through our neck of the woods New Year's Eve and was looking for a place to crash.

We rang in the New Year in our backyard watching fireworks. That's another gratitude. We live high enough that we can stand in our backyard and get a clear shot to the city's fireworks displays. All the fun of fireworks and none of the traffic!

We played games. We ate lots of pizza. Leelee made cupcakes.

It was a good night.

And I realized how much we do have. A large family. A large extended family. And no drama.

That alone is more than most have!

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  1. We started the New Year by listing what got accomplished in 2010. It was so much more than we thought and we are grateful.


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