Monday, January 3, 2011

A Big Ladle of Learning

Today, I'm grateful for learning.

And that's not just because the kids go back to school tomorrow and I am more than ready for that to happen, believe me!

It makes our house...interesting.

For Christmas, we hit a used bookstore and filled a large gift bag with books of all variety. The kids were so excited. Books we picked out for one kid, were scooped up by another. There were disagreements over who got to read first.

When Little B opened his new book for Christmas, he screamed with delight. How could you go wrong with a book that includes instructions for blowing things up?

I feel like this is one measure of success as a mother. My kids love reading. They love learning. They ask to play games like Trivial Pursuit. They watch Jeopardy!

Best of all, in those rare moments when they solve problems themselves (sometimes I feel like little more than a referee, especially during vacations), they use logic.

Picture this familiar scene: Kids in the kitchen fixing a meal because mom's too lazy to cook. They've made pasta and some sort of sauce from scratch. The head chef (that would be Leelee) gets bossy because SHE made the dish and wants full creative control on how its served. The one who thinks he's boss because he's the oldest (The Boy) thinks dinner is taking far too long and demands a change in how it's being served.

The Boy: Dear Sister, please consider using a ladle to pour the sauce.
Leelee: My wise, yet mistaken older brother, I believe it is best to continue using this serving implement.
The Boy: But fair sister, the ladle would speed the process along.
Leelee: Brother, I have labored long over this meal, please refrain from offering suggestions. It would be in your best interest to seat yourself at the table and I will happily serve you.
The Boy: Sister, please look at my ladle versus your spoon. The surface area of the ladle is much larger and will make your work go much faster.
Leelee: Oh My Wonderful Older Brother, you speak the truth. I shall use the ladle!

Ok, so Leelee is reading this over my shoulder and wants me to assure you all that she would never ever speak like that. Ever.

So here's how the conversation really went:

The Boy: Use the ladle! It will go a lot faster! I'm hungry!
Leelee: No! I'm using the spoon. GO AWAY!
The Boy, shoving the ladle in to the pot: USE THIS NOW!
Leelee: NO! I made the food. Sit down and leave me alone!
The Boy: The ladle has a larger surface area. I want to eat. So use it!
Leelee: Oh, ok.

It's proof, to me at least, that they can be taught logic, reasoning and there is hope that at some point in the future they will be able to communicate with each other in a more human-like manner.


  1. Ha! You've done well! I agree that if you've given your child a love a reading, it goes a very long way!

  2. intelligent fussing is a lot easier to tolerate isn't it?(!!)


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