Saturday, January 8, 2011

A good coupon day

After the horrible experience I had couponing earlier in the week, it was nice to end the week on a high note. Couponing has really helped our family stay on budget. We should be debt free except for our house by the end of the year!

I spent $5 at three different stores yesterday. I managed to get:

2 bottles of laundry soap
2 candy bars
1 box of whoppers
6 pack of ramen noodles
3 cans of ravioli
2 boxes of frozen vegetables
2 bottles of Apple Carrot juice

Not too shabby, right?

At one store, if i hadn't bought the ramen, my total would have been a whopping 9 cents! I spent $1.19 at the store after coupons and taxes.

Is it bad that I felt disappointed that I didn't have more of an audience for this?

The day was made even better watching The Seattle Seahawks win against the Saints! And if you are the praying type, please offer up a prayer in our behalf that we will have power Monday night so we can watch the Ducks game. It's a hard day to be in the south...we're cheering against all the local teams!

We are expecting a terrible winter storm. Auburn has closed the campus for Monday and won't be showing the game. I think this shows that God just might be a Ducks fan and wants to spare all those Auburn fans the horror of watching them lose.

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