Sunday, January 16, 2011

I spoke in church today

Here are a few of the highlights. I'll leave out the boring parts :P

I'm all for setting goals. My problem is I set huge goals and never achieve them. I set out to run a marathon at a sprint. Any runner knows that's not realistic. Slow and steady wins the race. Setting out fast right out the gate leaves you winded and you don't even make it half way through the race.

Last year, my goal was to get organized. I didn't set very clear or concise goals. I went at it haphazardly when the notion struck me. I had to clear plan of action.

From my past failures, I decided to change my approach for this year. Sure, my goal is just as lofty, To BE Her...but it is still very attainable.

So here I am halfway through the challenge and the past few days, I've slacked off on the blogging. But, then I remind myself that the challenge is NOT to blog every day. The challenge is find something to be grateful for, every single day. THAT, I have done!

The goals need to be clear and concise. Next month, the challenge is to be Smart. I want to be smarter with my time and resources. This goal is going to take much more careful planning.

My kids have been my biggest cheerleaders on this project. Whenever you set a goal, having a good support system is important. Even The Fabulista is loving saying her gratitudes each night. I have a feeling this is something the family may keep doing beyond this month!

I have to look at this month as a success already for the positive impact it's had on my family. We are going to win this race together or at least help each other stumble across the finish line.

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