Sunday, January 23, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-- January 24

It would appear that my last blog post generated a lot of interest! I think I'm going to start making a regular posting of my Cheap Meal of the Week ;)

Last night we hit Publix again. They were running a special on cereal. What made this a better bonus was coupons arrived from my mom. She is in a larger market for coupons and gets ones that we don't down here in central Alabama. Mom sent on some great coupons that made the trip to Publix a real winner.

For $11.51 (pretax)

2 boxes Special K red berry
1 box cinnabon cereal
1 box s'mores cereal
1 box cocoa krispies
2 boxes Cracklin' OatBran
1 box yakisoba noodles meal
1 package of pepperoni
1 candy bar
1 yoplus
8 oz package of Sargento shredded cheese

That's SEVEN boxes of cereal, for those keeping track. And for my fellow lovers of Cracklin Oat Bran, you know exactly how few coupons there are for this cereal and how rarely it goes on sale.

It was a pretty awesome score!

This week for dinner, we're keeping it pretty low-key. It's the end of month, which means...we don't get paid til Thursday night ;) Plus, we are currently without hot water. Sears promises we'll have hot water some time this week. That means I want to cook with as few dishes as possible. And, we're eating on paper plates. I didn't know how thankful I was for hot water until we've been without!


Sunday--Pot Roast, scalloped potatoes, veggies
Monday--My take on this Easy Chicken & Rice Casserole
Tuesday--Beef tips in Gravy over noodles
Wednesday--Curried chicken Stir Fry
Thursday-- Venison Stew

For the chicken and rice casserole, I poach the chicken and shred it up. I cook the rice with the soup chicken stock instead of water. Then, I add shredded chicken and sprinkle crackers over the top.

The rest of the poached chicken will go into the curried chicken stir fry later in the week.

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