Monday, January 17, 2011

menu plan monday..jan 17

The kids are home for two days this week. They are driving me absolutely batty!

I'd love to hear any and all advise to encourage the fabulista in staying in her bed asleep through the night. She started sleepwalking about a month ago. Last night she got up around 3 and told me how danger girl was sleeping on the table. I know danger girl has done some crazy stuff but she was most definitely not on the kitchen table asleep! Add to this little miss who is teething...I'm not sleeping terribly well.

Since it is a holiday today, D is also home. Big blessing there. It means I can try to catch up on some sleep!

We are having another fabulously frugal menu this week. Well the fabulous may be overstating things. Definitely frugal. Though!

Sunday...lasagna (made veggie & meat)
Monday... mexican beef in crockpot. Never got to it last week
Tuesday...roast turkey breast, scalloped potatoes, veggies, homemade bread
Wednesday...quick & easy night...sausages, onions and potatoes hash, pierogis
Thursday...beef stew night featuring taco pizza
Saturday...pasta night. Maybe some turkey tetrazinni? Someone have an amazing recipe?

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