Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stop Clowning Around!

Sometimes it feels like we're spinning plates in a circus. Somewhere prowling around the big top is a lion threatening to pounce if we drop a plate. The problem is, we keep piling unnecessary plates on our piles, making our lives more difficult for no reason! And that lion? It's a really a balloon animal created by a creepy clown. No threat at all...the clown on the other hand...

The Clown making those balloon animals needs to find a new home. He represents not focusing on the important things in life. Clowns are devious and deceptive. (and did I mention totally creepy?) February is the month for me to kick the Clown out of my life. The clown of distractions that are making my life complicated. February is the month to be SMART about things, like my time, my money and my life.

Making simple changes in my life will likely prove challenging. I've got to keep a few plates spinning, but I can move the clown out of my space and make my family the center of attraction instead of all the other "stuff" that clouds it up.

Let's look at the three rings of my life's circus that can be simplified:

1. Kids Clothes. We need to PURGE. They need just 5 outfits for school since they are in uniforms. Less clothes, less laundry! MORE TIME! It also means less mess in their rooms!

2. Toys. Again purging out toys no one plays with. Toys need to be neatly labeled in proper baskets. D got me a label maker for Christmas and I need to start labeling more. This will simply my life by removing chaos and clutter.

3. REST. A well rested mom is a happy mom. When I get enough rest, I simply have more energy and can focus better. It's such a small change but one that can have a HUGE impact on the quality of my life.


1. Make a budget and stick with it! OK, I already do this. But I need to remind myself with sticky notes that it's those $2 purchases that don't seem to matter at the time that blow the budget.

2. Grocery shop ONE day a week. I make extra trips as I see extra deals. This wastes a lot of time and gas. I need to plan my strategies better. I think this may be best served by changing my shopping day from Wednesday to Tuesday. Tuesday is the last day of the sales here. That way I make sure I have all the coupons in front of me for the week. No back and forth.

And how will this help move the center ring of my life in to a simplified focused circus?

It means I can focus my attention on my kids and husband. I'm not going to be distracted by all the things that MUST get done every day. Sure, I can skip a day, but I'd rather not. But I can make it so those jobs are easier. I don't need to keep all these things spinning around. I do have family and friends for support, too!

And, by making better use of my money (including gas in this...have you seen gas prices lately??) we can put that towards getting out of debt or even doing a fun trip with family. Those are things I'd much rather be doing, wouldn't you?

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  1. First off I hate clowns so anyone wanting to kick them I applaud LOL..

    Congrats on the goals you haves set. Take them one day at a time and I bet you will be very successful.


  2. goals......uh, I've got another one for you...come join the latest Hot Mama apron swap :-)

    I've set some goals too....but you are REALLY ambitious compared to me! HA!

  3. Change is always hard but you have some good goals!!

    I am passing on a Stylish Blogger Award to you. Come read about it on my blog:


Thanks and have a great day!