Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips for Living without Hot Water

It's been a week without hot water. I never knew how much I loved having hot and cold running water until it was gone. Sure, I love to camp but even camping, we go to places that have hot showers. Not to mention when we go camping, it's truly a vacation. I don't actually *do* anything. D loves camping. He takes over all the cooking and clean up. The kids follow Daddy around like puppies trying to be involved in everything camp related. I get several days of taking it easy with no house to clean, no dishes to wash, no meals to prepare. It's truly a vacation for this mom, even if I do have to sleep on an air mattress.

But this is not camping.

I am stuck in a house that needs cleaning, dishes washed, people washed...and no hot water. This is not my vacation. This is my worst nightmare. A nightmare that could only be made worse by the kids being on "vacation," too. Thankfully, everyone is in school this week.

In case you're ever out of hot water and Sears has promised to fix it...since like early December (!) ... and still haven't completed the task in a satisfactory manner, here are some ideas for keeping the hot water going.

1. Turkey roaster the oven. Takes about 15 minutes at 450 to get the water piping hot. You need about 4 pans worth to get ankle deep water in the tub. This is actually sufficient to wash yourself. Barely.

2. 7 qt crockpot....keeps water warm all day long. this is perfect for hand washing. Place a bowl in the sink. Ladle hot water into the bowl and you have a nice basin. Save the water and wash a few dishes while you're at it.

3. Still with the crockpot...a large crockpot has JUST enough water to wash a small load of dishes. You need to mix a bit of cold in with the very hot crockpot water to stretch it out. Drain the soapy side of the sink and rinse your dishes with the plug in. Save this rinse water to soak any dishes you may have left.

4. The has a dry cycle. Use it as a giant dish drainer.

5. Paper plates. Don't worry about killing a few trees.

6. Did you know it uses less energy to wash your clothes in cold? And there's Tide Cold Water for the things you need to wash in hot normally.

7. Gym Membership. . . the one you never use? yeah, that one. Go take a shower a the gym. Sneak your kids in.

8. No gym membership? Beg friends to let you shower at their houses. Good friends will offer. Better friends give you a key.

9. Toddlers and preschoolers and teenage boys don't seem to care about the lack of bathing. Perfumes and cologne help. The little ones feel special. The teens feel "manly."

10. Shaving is overrated. Learn to braid your armpit and leg hairs.

Sears promised the part would be here Friday. I called Monday and the part would be delivered Tuesday. Tuesday, they said for sure by Wednesday. The technician is supposed to be here tomorrow between 8 and whenever he feels like it. The part isn't here yet. I am trying hard to find something to be grateful for in this situation...other than I will be VERY thankful when the hot water is restored. I will down right giddy if it's fixed properly this time.


  1. We learned a couple years ago when our power was out for 3 weeks that you can go to the fire department and take a shower. AHH a shower was the greatest thing then.

  2. Ugh. That sounds downright difficult. Hope it all gets resolved this time.

  3. You are a trooper! Hope Sears comes through for you. Good call on showering at the gym, I had to do that a few times when we had no water.


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