Thursday, February 24, 2011

Be Smart Update

February has been the month for me to Be Smart. What started out as my intention to be smarter with my time and money, has morphed in to me being smarter with my money and smarter with the use of space in my home. I'm very happy with the goal transition!

As my couponing has intensified, I've started to accumulate much more of a stockpile of goods. Last week, I showed off my neatly labeled pantry. This week, I needed to clear out more out of my pantry to store more food! The sad part for me, is I needed to admit that I am not really crafting much any more. I purchased a storage bin and boxed up many of my stamping supplies. I cleared off two shelves in the hall closet. Instead of placing the food in the hall closet, I moved infrequently used items from the pantry over, freeing up lots more space!

Sometimes when reorganizing, you really have to take a step back and examine the reality of the situation. My crafting supplies are still easily accessible...just in a different closet in a box instead of on a shelf.

I was also super excited to find the perfect hamper for our bathroom! I like things that maximize the use of limited space and this hamper certainly does. It fits in to the corner and supposedly holds 3 loads of laundry. I have a gigantic washer, so for us, it holds one load.

As for being smart with my money...I was very lucky this week to get to share some of the things I've learned about couponing with my women's group at church. I was asked to speak for 30 minutes. And, if you've done any sort of couponing, you know this is not nearly enough time to discuss all the tips, tricks and strategies for maximizing the cost savings.

Another surprise this month was getting a jump start on March's theme of Be Involved. The local school board has debated several changes to schools and zoning issues. A facebook group was created by concerned parents...and from there I started getting involved. I contacted school board members and even tried to attend meetings! Parents showed up in such large numbers that I was never actually able to get IN to a meeting.

The decision of the school board left me with mixed feelings. It was a hard decision. Budgets are what they are. Rumors flew about why certain schools were targeted. Other plans were presented to the board and rejected, confirming in the mind of the parents that the rumors were true. After the vote tonight, we know that my child's school is closing and moving to a better location. And it will be displacing other children. It's like a great big school shuffle. But, if the rumors are true, then it's the best decision overall.

I also put my name in to serve on the PTA board at Little B's school next year! We'll see if it happens, but I do hope to be more involved with his school. We really do love it there!

It has been quite the week, with a trip out of state, a viral illness running through the kids, little miss with a kidney infection, and the Fabulista with a concussion. I'm ready to be in to a new month!

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