Monday, March 28, 2011

It's almost Easter!

Easter is one of my favorite times of year for a couple of reasons. One of the big reasons came about just two years ago...That's when Little Miss joined our family! I finally got my spring baby! She was born a few days before Easter. When she turns four, her birthday will actually be ON Easter! She's joining her sister and I who have birthdays that occasionally fall on holidays. Heck, even my wedding anniversary falls on a holiday sometimes!

But the biggest reason we love Easter, of course, is celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Much like Christmas, it gives our family time to reflect on the Savior and what He means to us.

One of the more challenging parts of Easter is separating the secular from the spiritual. It seems much easier to do at Christmas. Almost 10 years ago, we made a change in our family that allowed us to do both the secular AND religious Easter celebrations and not confuse the kids. Well, they are still plenty confused, just not about this!

The change we made was to separate the bunny day from the religious day.

For us, Easter begins on Friday night with the traditional coloring of the Easter Eggs. And, that night is when the Easter Bunny visits. The kids wake bright and early Saturday morning and will do our family egg hunt. Then, they gorge themselves on candy.

On Sunday, our family goes to church and in the evening, we tell the Easter Story using Resurrection Eggs. I had no idea until a year ago you could actually buy Resurrection Egg kits in stores. We would just put them together ourselves.

I love doing it this way for a couple of reasons. First, and foremost, the secular and religious Easters happen on two different days. Secondly, from a more practical standpoint, the kids aren't on complete and total sugar highs bouncing off the walls while we're at church on Sunday! That should be a big motivator for other families to join in on this two day Easter celebration right there!

And of course, we also get to add birthday cake to the mix as we use that day to have a big dinner and celebrate Little Miss's birthday. And who needs extra party favor candy when you can hit the sales for Easter Candy. This is just as convenient in having Punky Brewster's annual Halloween Themed birthday party!

Easter begins to become one big party as we celebrate life and family and being together. What more can you ask for?

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