Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March ... BE Involved!

For March's Be Her challenge, it's time for me to get involved.

In an unlikely turn of events, I started this last month. The opportunity was there and I took it.

Our school system, like many others across the country, are facing deep budget problems. Our school board presented a proposal that had parents up in arms: It involved closing several well-loved schools and realigning boundaries. It was like the board woke the sleeping giant. Town meetings were held, parents offered alternative proposals, the board offered alternatives to the alternative...and last week they finally voted on a plan.

The plan was the best option presented. It was pretty clear that one school was closing no matter what anyone said and another school (Little B's) needed to be moved to another location. It was really hard to come down on the side of the superintendent. Another plan was presented by the parents that saved more money, but (isn't there always a but?) if the district is able to sell some of the closed schools it will generate a large infusion of funds. Their plan was to close to the schools with the greatest real estate marketability.

Long story short, Little B's school is moving. Lots of kids are being moved around.

I found a great group of parents who want to stay involved with what's going on with the schools. Before, parents seemed to be focused primarily on their own schools. That quickly changed to what is best for the all the kids in the district and long term impact and creative problem solving of issues facing the district.

It feels great being involved in this process.

Sometimes opportunities to get involved sort of sneak up on you. I know I had no intention of being this involved. But wow! I haven't felt this energized about something in a very long time.

I had no intention of becoming politically involved for this challenge. I was thinking "be more involved with my kids!" It's funny how things work out.

Things move slowly in politics and with school boards. There probably won't be much to report as I continue being involved this month. I have projects I'm working on, but it's not anything to get all bloggy about...unless you're interested in things like capital funds versus organizational budgets.

I'll also be spending my usual time volunteering with another organization I LLLove :) I've been involved with this group first as a member and later as a leader for 12 years now! It's a cause close to my heart and always will be. Hopefully things will quiet down and I can get back helping moms nationally on the helpline instead of just the moms local to me.

So, what are your favorite ways to get involved? I'd love to hear about great charities and organizations that help make positive impacts in your communities!

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