Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday--March 07

This week's menu is in preparation for Spring Break. I need to clean out the fridge so I can really stockpile again. There's a sale at Publix this week that makes yogurt free! I am really going to stock up. The kids love frozen yogurt, too, so some of it's going in the freezer.

Sunday: Beef Stroganoff (using the new cooking creme)
Monday: Fried Chicken, frozen veggies, rolls
Tuesday: Grilled Steaks, potatoes, salad
Wednesday: convenience meal in a box!
Thursday: crockpot pork roast
Friday: pizza
Saturday: spaghetti

snacks: yogurt, fruit

weekend lunches: BBQ pork sammies, soup

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  1. just did my stocking up...never thought about freezing yogurt...I'll have to try that!


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