Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big savings this week!

Sorry, no pictures of the goodies again this week. With working part time the next two weeks (not that I can really call sitting at the mall waiting for people to take pictures with the bunny work), I've neglected organizing my pantry. Things are just shoved in there haphazardly and I can't even think about displaying my spoils right now.

Instead, I'll give you a quick rundown on the great deals I was able to score.

My first trip this week was to WalMart for games! I found a deal for Toy Story 3 Operation. I picked up 3 of the games for just $6! The best part is, the game qualifies for Hasbro's Family Game Night promotion where you buy any Hasbro game and get a FREE tombstone pizza! In the end, I'm going to have 90 percent savings for 3 games and 3 pizzas!

To continue on with our pizza theme this week, I headed to WinnDixie where I picked up their "meal deal." The meal deal usually isn't a deal. The price for the "free" items are usually added in to the main item and the free items' prices are usually raised slightly. This is why it's so important to know how much things usually cost. But, if you do the meal deal with lots of coupons, it gets to be a great deal. In order to use your coupons on the freebies at WinnDixie, your reward card must be scanned AFTER the coupons.

This week, the meal deal was 6 totinos pizzas, 1 box mozarella sticks, 1 box little debbie snack cakes, 1 box italian ice, and one bottle of Hawaiian punch for $10. I managed to get it down to $6. With WinnDixie's pricing, an overall savings of 70 percent is VERY good. I'm usually pleased if I can get to 50 percent savings there.

Finally, I hit my favorite Publix. I didn't do a stockpile run for three reasons: one my coupons didn't arrive, two my pantry is in disarray and three my freezer is full of pizza. After I clear out some freezer space, I'm going back to stock up on veggies.

I had a really difficult time with the transaction yesterday. The clerk didn't know what he was doing with the coupons. He separated out all the coupons in front of him, scanned an item then went searching for the coupon, read the entire thing three times, rang it in wrong a couple times, had questions about several of was a mess. The thing is, I grouped my coupons in order as they come down the belt. If he would have just left them in a stack his life would have been easier.

In the end, I had $90 worth of groceries before coupons. I used a gift card I won from Almost Crazy Coupon Lady to bring my out of pocket (before tax) total down below $10 for a 90 percent savings! Not too shabby.

I heard about a few other sales that I'm hoping to snag this week. We'll see how it goes.

Did anyone else find any good deals that I missed out on?

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