Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not the T-Bone I was hoping for

Last night was date night! It was my turn to pick and thanks to a great deal, D and I were going to see a movie! The plan was to put the kids to bed, leaving The Boy to babysit, and catching the late show. That part of the plan went terrific! We got through the entire movie without a single phone call and enjoyed ourselves!

We don't often stay out til midnight since it's well past both of our bedtimes.

As we left the theater, and turned out on to the main road, the intersection is at a Y. The left turns in to the mall loop and the right turns out on to the road with a median in between. As we turned right, a car was supposed to turn around the corner...but the driver went straight. If D hadn't accelerated she would have T-boned us. She hopped the other curb and continued on the loop.

We flipped around. D called 911. We found where she parked her car with the two flat tires and waited for the officers who had pulled someone else over to take our statement.

Finally made it home. Still totally unnerved a day later. hopefully I'll feel better

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  1. Oh my! I'm glad you weren't hit! I hope you feel better soon from that scare.


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