Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why School Food Ruined My Kids

School food stinks. I hate it and I don't even have to eat it.

It's mushy. No flavor. Fattening. And I'm not just talking about what we've seen on TV. I'm a huge fan of Jamie Oliver. He seriously needs to makeover my kids' schools' lunches.

More personally, my kids have suddenly started turning up their noses at foods they've always eaten, like peas. My kids are picking at their veggies like they've never seen them before. This is highly uncharacteristic of them. These are kids that cried when I asked them to get a hot dog for a quick lunch at Costco because they wanted salads.

I was perplexed over this sudden dislike of veggies. It's one of my proudest accomplishments as a mother that my kids ASK to eat Brussells sprouts. You should try them. They taste like asparagus. What? You don't like asparagus either? Ugh, there's nothing I can do for you. Unless you want to try this AMAZING Strawberry and Asparagus Salad. It will make a believer out of you...

Tired of seeing the veggies pushed around the plate, I asked Danger Girl what the deal was. She looked sad and said "I don't like peas."

This is a child that hasn't met a vegetable she doesn't like. Something was definitely wrong. I pulled out my "blame the school for everything card" and told her she simply forgot that she doesn't like SCHOOL peas but she does like my peas.

Wouldn't you know it, but the school certainly was to blame. A light went on and she ate her peas. "Mama! You're right! It's school peas I don't like! They taste like mush."

Of course Leelee finally jumps into the conversation and goes on a tirade about the unnatural color of school foods, especially the peas. "And you can smoosh school peas down with your fork. That means they are totally over cooked."

As if everyone on the planet KNOWS that veggies are supposed to be slightly firm. Overly soft veggies mean they are overcooked. Not only do they feel gross in your mouth, over cooking the veggies makes them loose their nutritional value.

Now I'm wondering: Am I bad mom if I tell my kids it's totally ok to skip the cooked veggies at school, since there's little nutritional value in them after they've been so mistreated?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

We're going to be on TV!

Phew! I'm glad that's over :)

WAKA our local CBS affiliate was at my house bright and early this morning for our shop at WinnDixie.

I said straight up that i wasn't using any coupons other than what was available in our local lousy market. No coupons were used from clipping services. My goal was to show what is available HERE I also said I was shooting for 70 percent savings, which is reasonable and what most couponers get.

I did a happy dance for the camera when I opened my box of Frosted Mini Wheats to discover $1 off fruit coupon! I was really hoping for an extra of those :D Oh and there were peelies on the cereal at the store for $1 off fruit. So I got to show there ARE coupons for produce. And I used the $2 off ribs WYB KC masterpiece. So right there BUSTED two big coupon myths.

Next myth to bust: there are only coupons for junk foods. The only junk food I had in my cart were a free 12.6 oz bag of M&Ms, 2 boxes of wheat thins stix and a single serve of skinny cow. Everything else was fresh produce, some cake decorating items, hair coloring, cleaning products, rice, a few sauces, cereal, cheese and eggs!

I had $150 in groceries before coupons and store savings....Any Guesses on how much I spent? Or should I make you all wait until next Wednesday when the story airs ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday -- May 16

This is our last full week of school! I can't believe things have gone by so quickly. I am not sure if I am ready to have the kids home all summer. I have to get cracking on our summer scheduling/menu planning. If I'm not careful, they will eat me out of house and home!

Last night for dinner, I tried a couple recipes from Rachael Ray's latest magazine. I am a huge onion ring fan and wanted to try her sour cream onion ring recipe. It's supposed to go on a burger, but really... an onion ring should be able to stand alone in it's deliciousness. Unfortunately, this one can't. We also had chicken nuggets (homemade) and a peanut dipping sauce. Very easy: mix PB and soy sauce. It was ok. Nothing to get excited about.

Menu Plan

Sunday: chicken nuggets & onion rings
Monday: Beef Roast
Tuesday: Sweet & sour chicken
Wednesday: Quick and Easy
Thursday: Sliders
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Spaghetti

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun with Biscuits

Refrigerated biscuits don't have to be just for dinner. You can do a lot more with them than roll them around a hot dog and call it a pig in a blanket.

A favorite around here, is to take the big "grand" sized biscuits and smash them down flat. Spread on Spaghetti or Marinara, add some cheese and bake. Easy personal sized pizzas! If you used your coupons, this could make 8 individual pizzas for under $2. It's a great lunch or after school snack.

Whenever a recipe calls for a savory pie crust, I will roll out biscuits flat or use the triangles from the crescent rolls instead. i'm terrible at pie crusts, so this is a great alternative for someone who is challenged like I am!

And try this out for dessert:

Crescent rolls filled with Nutella. Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread that is AMAZING. Place a heaping tablespoon of Nutella in the middle of a crescent roll. Roll and bake as usual. Sprinkle with sugar and mmmm

I thought i was being very clever when I flattened my biscuits and sprinkled them with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Turns out I wasn't the first person to think of Refrigerator Biscuit Cinnamon rolls!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-- May 9

OK, so now we're back on track with menu planning. School is out in just a couple weeks so I have to get my act together. Once school is out, I will have one lunch menu for the entire summer. Everything down to the twice a day snacks will be planned out. If I don't do this, the kids will eat me out of house and home. My label maker will also get a workout labeling the special treats with their "eat me" dates!

I'm not obsessive. Nope.

I'm making my own Mother's Day dinner. Please, don't feel sorry for me! Leelee made her first quiche this morning, so I did get a nice breakfast. D and The Boy are in north Alabama helping with relief efforts. They'll be back for dinner tonight. Our anniversary is Friday the 13th (we got married on a Friday, too!) so I'll have a special dinner that night.

Sunday: Crockpot Pork Tenderloin, veggies, rolls, scalloped potatoes, easy Creme Brulee
Monday: hawaiian sloppy joes
Tuesday: Pork Fried Rice
Wednesday: Quick and Easy
Thursday: Chicken & Potato Bowls
Friday: Pizza (kids) TBones, veggies, potatoes, dessert (Adults)
Saturday: Breakfast

This blog has been neglected

The whole point of this blog was to showcase my skatteredness and make everyone else feel better. Over the last few months, it's turned into a coupon and shopping brag blog. That wasn't my intention. So, instead of just not sharing my couponing, I decided to start another blog! Like I need one more thing on plate!

Coupon Boot Camp is designed to take a lot of the leg work out of price comparisons. I have three major drug stores within a mile of each other. It's easy for me to just drive across the street and snag the best deals at each store. But, others aren't so lucky. It doesn't make any sense to drive further to one store when you're only going to net $2 in savings. I used the same principal when I picked which grocery store to shop. One took Target coupons and I needed to have at least $5 in Target coupons to justify the drive. Most of the time, I didn't.

Other times, it's just more convenient to take the ads to Walmart and have them price match.

So please, check out my new blog. Follow it. Like it. Whatever. :)