Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here I am on TV!

This was so much fun.

I loved shopping and I saved so much money!

Check us out on TV


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  2. Micki, I liked your TV spot! I think what I liked most about it was that you weren't out there buying up 300 bottles of laundry soap!!! You were buying the things your family needs and will use! I watch the extreme couponing show but I don't like to see people getting totally excessive amounts of things just because they can. One couple had like 200 bottles of soda and like 80 bags of chips! REALLY? Who could ever use up that amount of chips before the expiration date? I like to see "real life" and "balanced" couponing. You did great!

  3. I agree with Loretta!! The people on extreme couponing to me are nothing but hoarders and hogging the stuff the rest of us need. Nice to see someone actually do it in our market. Though I have to brag that I saved $8.00 in Enfamil formula yesterday. I got the 2-pack refill box for the same price as the smaller tub. There was a save $3.00 off now coupon on the box plus I had a $5.00 off coupon. =)

  4. Wow, okay! I commented and said you should apply for Extreme Couponers before I clicked on your name and came to your site! Your TV spot is awesome and is way better than what's showcased on that show.

    Fabulous job, I can't imagine saving 80%. (I'm excited to give it another go.)

  5. Awesome!

    Was that a Target make-up bag freebie I saw in your hand at the register? LOL Rock on girl!


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