Sunday, May 8, 2011

This blog has been neglected

The whole point of this blog was to showcase my skatteredness and make everyone else feel better. Over the last few months, it's turned into a coupon and shopping brag blog. That wasn't my intention. So, instead of just not sharing my couponing, I decided to start another blog! Like I need one more thing on plate!

Coupon Boot Camp is designed to take a lot of the leg work out of price comparisons. I have three major drug stores within a mile of each other. It's easy for me to just drive across the street and snag the best deals at each store. But, others aren't so lucky. It doesn't make any sense to drive further to one store when you're only going to net $2 in savings. I used the same principal when I picked which grocery store to shop. One took Target coupons and I needed to have at least $5 in Target coupons to justify the drive. Most of the time, I didn't.

Other times, it's just more convenient to take the ads to Walmart and have them price match.

So please, check out my new blog. Follow it. Like it. Whatever. :)

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