Friday, May 20, 2011

We're going to be on TV!

Phew! I'm glad that's over :)

WAKA our local CBS affiliate was at my house bright and early this morning for our shop at WinnDixie.

I said straight up that i wasn't using any coupons other than what was available in our local lousy market. No coupons were used from clipping services. My goal was to show what is available HERE I also said I was shooting for 70 percent savings, which is reasonable and what most couponers get.

I did a happy dance for the camera when I opened my box of Frosted Mini Wheats to discover $1 off fruit coupon! I was really hoping for an extra of those :D Oh and there were peelies on the cereal at the store for $1 off fruit. So I got to show there ARE coupons for produce. And I used the $2 off ribs WYB KC masterpiece. So right there BUSTED two big coupon myths.

Next myth to bust: there are only coupons for junk foods. The only junk food I had in my cart were a free 12.6 oz bag of M&Ms, 2 boxes of wheat thins stix and a single serve of skinny cow. Everything else was fresh produce, some cake decorating items, hair coloring, cleaning products, rice, a few sauces, cereal, cheese and eggs!

I had $150 in groceries before coupons and store savings....Any Guesses on how much I spent? Or should I make you all wait until next Wednesday when the story airs ;)


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  2. My guess would be $55, but I won't get to see the interview. Could you link it when it airs?


Thanks and have a great day!