Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Downy Unstopables Review

I recently received a bottle of Downy Unstopables in the mail to try and review for Vocalpoint.

This product claims that if you sprinkle in a little or a lot of the product in with your wash, it will leave your laundry smelling fresh for up to 30 days in storage.

I am not a fan of smelly laundry products. They usually leave me itching and sneezing. With this product, you can squeeze the cap to get a whiff of the scent, which was nice. I like products that let me do a test sniff so I can decide if I can tolerate it. It saves me a lot of money. Downy Unstopables did not make me sneeze!

The whole idea of the product is a bit weird. I don't "get" why you need to add extra smelly stuff to your laundry to make it smell like flowers longer. I do know there are people out there who equate smelly fragrance to clean and it takes them to a happy place. I'm not one of them. My husband, however, is.

Recently I purchased a laundry detergent he hated. And, being a couponer, I had lots of it. So the first test of the Unstopables, was to see if it made the "yukky" laundry detergent tolerable. I used maybe a teaspoon in the wash. The label said "use a little or use a lot" so I figured I really test it out.

D was very impressed. His clothes smelled nice and he was happy.

Then, I tried it with my clothes to see if I'd itch. Surprisingly, I didn't have itchy skin! The product doesn't claim to be hypo-allergenic. YMMV if you have sensitive skin.

Leelee took the next test run of it as she was helping wash the boys' laundry while they were camping. Teenage boy stench. She used an entire cap full. "Mom! The laundry doesn't smell like goats!"


Laundry doesn't last unused in our house 30 days so I can't attest to the claims that the scent will remain that long. The small amount I used in my own laundry was still noticeable after a week, which is very different than the typical laundry products we use.

If you'd like the chance to try this product yourself, you can join Vocalpoint where they will be giving away more samples of the product.

Will I buy this again? As a couponer, I'm not brand loyal. But I can tell you that if there's a good coupon and a sale, I will stock up. :)


  1. Thank you for this great review, we just received a sample of it in the mail and I wasn't too use how to use it. Great review, I love your honesty!

  2. I just read a post where they put . In their vacuum cleaner bags and it made it smell great every time they vacuumed for weeks


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