Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old House Love

My kids get it. The old house love. It makes me so happy they understand my passion for this old house.

As we pull back the layers of wallpaper, we're uncovering history. It's like a small glimpse into the personalities of the people who used to live there. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid. Restoring this house, I feel like one.

Last night, as we peeled back the layers, Danger Girl found old newspapers that had been painted over. Newspapers were sometimes used between the layers of paint or wallpaper to act as insulation. One strip of newspaper contained a vintage ad for Coca Cola!

Leelee said it was like having "history right in our hands!"

Sometime around 1950 (guessing by the wallpaper style), someone's child got a pen and colored on the walls! I guess some things never change. I can just imagine how furious the parent must have been! There are far fewer options if your child colors on the wallpaper than if he or she colors on the painted walls.

We got down to the earliest layer of wallpaper in Leelee's room. It looks to be little cherry blossoms. I'm sure it was beautiful in it's day. I'm trying to get a large enough area exposed and without damage to frame.

Also in her room, someone slammed the door open so hard it made a perfect imprint of the turn of the century door handle right in the plaster walls.

Not all finds in the house are going to be happy discoveries. We knew there was an issue with the casual dining room carpet (aside from it being there in the first place). I suspected water damage. The Boy and I pulled it up to find plywood under flooring which had certainly had some water damage. What we didn't expect to find was the fire damage.

We don't know what's under the plywood. I'm afraid to find out. But, we are not pulling it up until we are prepared to put something else down beyond peel and stick tiled. Oh yes, we're going all out for the first stage :P I guess we have to pull off the water damaged pieces of plywood and we'll find out.

But I'm absolutely terrified to see what's under it. I have this irrational fear someone has buried a body under it. I need help.


  1. This is hilarious, and so interesting. I love old houses... Loving your blog, I am going to have to stalk you now. ;) {(lovemybabes) on 2peas.} ~Shannon

  2. Oh!!! I am so incredibly jealous :P. I would love to have a house just like yours! Are you taking photos as you go?


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