Saturday, July 9, 2011

Step 1: Pick paint

I like bright cheerful colors. D claims the first time I got to paint a house I channeled my secret love of hamburgers. The walls were "ketchup red," "lettuce green" and "mustard yellow" with "hamburger brown" wood floors. I think D is color blind. They were definitely not those colors. Not even close!

Today, my sister and I hit the paint store. Sissie's husband just transferred to the town I live in. She might make an occasional appearance on the blog. Anywho, Sissie and I both like to paint. She also likes colors...just a different palette than me.

The first person to help us pick colors at the store was a man. He doesn't speak woman so when I said "fun, funky" he stared at me blankly. He put together a palette and I just didn't LURVE it. So I sought help from a woman who promptly told me my color choices were juvenile and it was her job to help me select a grown up "fun and funky" color scheme for the house.

And I am really happy with what she chose when I explained what I was looking for.

Here are the colors I'm leaning towards in the kitchen:

I'd love to hear opinions on this :) The red accents are in the appliances that I already own: microwave and blender.

And for the living room, I really wanted yellow. Apparently, people are afraid of yellow. Yellow makes me happy.

So yay or nay? I'd love to hear opinions :) Do you love color? Yellow? Green? Or are you a neutrals kind of person?


  1. I also love color and I think those colors are wonderful and very grown up! My bedroom is that same shade of yellow - called Saffron - and I love it. We currently have a green living room and kitchen and it's fresh and cozy. Enjoy your new project!

  2. Let's see, my family room & living room are yellow, hallway is chocolate, dining room is red, guest bedroom lime green, kid's room many shades of blue (ocean on the walls & starry sky on ceiling,) master bedroom is bright orange, and master bath is really, truly purple. The kitchen has yet to be painted...

    I have never regretted a day that we put vibrant colors on the walls. I have, however, regretted every day of "eggshell" or white on previous walls.

    Be brave and go for color!

  3. i love your colors--i have many colors in my home, i love so much i hope they stay looking good for years!

  4. You've been to my house...we painted the whole dang thing "Sensible Hue". It's creamy. I get compliments on it all the time and it's easy to sell! The house was 14 different colors when we bought it and calling it a "mess" would be polite! Good luck. I just hope black is your fridge and not for paint! :)

  5. Shannon: You would be correct :) We are going to have a few other black accents but nothing major.

  6. I love the yellow! I love color! Well, you know, you've seen all of the blue/yellow/green/pink at my house.


Thanks and have a great day!