Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quick Update... or not

We are settling in to the new house. A few ups and downs. The big news is after 10 days of living here, we finally have air conditioning!

The bad news, is four days after moving in, some bitty in the neighborhood decided to report us to the city for all sorts of "violations" including grass being too long, tree limbs down in the yard, trash, and broken down vehicles. This is a bit odd because the only tree on the property is a pear tree in the far back corner of the yard. You can't even see it unless you come in to the yard, and there are no broken limbs on it. There wasn't any trash in the yard or broken down vehicles! We've had contractors here for the last three weeks working pretty much every day. At one point the plumbers left some pipes in the front yard until they could get them in their truck. That particular day, I had three contractors here and there was no way to load the pipes in the plumber's truck until the electrician moved. Those pipes sat on the lawn for *three* entire hours.

At our first neighborhood association meeting, a woman complained that someone had reported her to the city for furniture on her lawn. She had called and requested a trash pickup from the city for a couch. They told her a time. The couch was placed on the lawn...and the garbage collector didn't come until the next day. The couch sat on the lawn for less than 24 hours and someone called and complained. She had to take a day off of work to deal with the mess/fines. There was some back story, but she wasn't able to answer the complaint so even tho it was taken care of, the city still fined her. Nice, huh?

She asked that neighbors PLEASE speak to other neighbors to find out what the deal is before just calling the city to complain. One would think that would be the neighborly thing to do, but I guess some people aren't so neighborly.

I placed a call into the city to answer the complaint and find out exact details of the "problem."

Meanwhile, the kids started school this week. That's a load of chaos in itself.

I'm trying to unpack. I need to make birthday cupcakes for Danger Girl's 8th birthday Friday! I'm thinking of these...Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes. My good friend, The Illustrator, said she'd come to my rescue since I still don't have a working oven (that's another fun bureaucracy story for another time).

And, my parents are coming to surprise the kids this weekend. They were going to fly to Georgia to see my sister then drive here to visit with us. Plans changed when my sister moved here. So Ommy and Poppy are going to show up at church Sunday and the kids don't know :) Danger Girl is being baptized Sunday after church, so it's going to be an awesome day for a family BBQ and some crockpot birthday cake (ya know, since I don't have an oven I can't exactly bake.) Good times.

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