Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So busy!

The kids have been back at school for about three weeks and we've been in the house about 5 weeks now, I think. Life is just not slowing down. We are making some progress in painting and a few projects I can't wait to show everyone. But I want them done before posting. ;)

The Boy started Early Morning Seminary and it is totally kicking my butt...and I'm not even getting up with him half the time! I was a bit nervous about the idea of The Boy getting a driver's license, but if it means me (or D) not having to get up in the morning to drive him to the church, I'm all for it! By the time he gets his license, Leelee will also be in seminary, so that's a win win. As soon as The Boy graduates, Leelee will have her license and Little B will start. We just have to get through two years.

Meanwhile, Little B and Danger Girl's birthdays are being celebrated late. Little B's party is this weekend and Danger Girl two weeks later. That's quickly followed by my grand plans for a pumpkin carving party for Halloween and Punky Brewster's birthday party. We don't do parties every year for the kids, just on certain milestone years. It just happens that this year, we hit three in a row! Next year, NO BIRTHDAY PARTIES! The year after that, I think we just have two parties.

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