Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Fair time!

The first week of October is probably my kids' favorite time of year next to Christmas. They really look forward to entering various contests.

This year, the fair started a bit early for Leelee and I. Last Saturday, we were called by the national organization that sponsors state fair cooking contests to do an interview with a local TV station about entering the cooking contests. Of course, I said yes! I never really mind being interviewed.

I really should have asked what the interview entailed before I agreed for Leelee and I to go on TV.

Not only was it an interview, it was also going to be LIVE and I had one minute to demonstrate the dish I placed with in the Spam cookoff!

I've watched enough Food Network Star to know the time goes very fast. I did as much prep work as possible the night before and tried to go over in my head what we could possibly be asked.

It went pretty well. I cringed watching myself because I realized I forgot to take my nail polish off. It was BADLY chipped. Terrible.

Today was the first day for the kids' contests and so far Lizzy is the only winner. She took third place in cupcake decorating.

Hopefully we'll do well again this year!

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