Friday, October 21, 2011

total savings!

This week, I was given a $50 grocery challenge by a local TV station. So technically, all the groceries above were free ;)

I can't tell you exactly how much I saved and what I spent, but I can tell you, I kicked butt did really well. Not only that, I did it at Winn Dixie! Southern Couponers will tell you that saving big at Publix can be done in your sleep. Their sales ads and store coupons usually match well with the current flyers. WinnDixie takes a lot more effort. Before we even got started, I almost had to redo my entire strategy because there was debate on whether or not I'd be able to use overage.

The other big challenge for those super high savings like you see on TV for those in my area, is our sales tax is very high. Ten percent. Even on groceries. So if I give my store card at WinnDixie and my total is $400, I will be paying at least $40. No zero dollar totals here. And no change can be given back and the coupons cannot take money off the sales tax.

I did find a few AMAZING deals...and stocked up hoarder style: 72 packages of yeast. But I made money on each one. It sounds excessive until you do the math for a family of 8 that makes pizza every single weekend. We will use on average 4 pizza yeast packages a week. If I make breadsticks, even more! So that is, conservatively speaking, a year's supply of pizza yeast. It doesn't expire until next year, so it's all good.

The other great find: generic cheez crackers for 28 cents a box. I put back the name brand on BOGO. I could get 10 of the generic brand for less than I was paying for two name brand with a coupon.

I'm really excited for this story to air in November. Yes, you all have to wait that long to find out how well I did. In the meantime, we're going to be enjoying all of our pizza and cheez crackers for the next few weeks!

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