Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Me on the news...again

I know I promised to post this last week, but with working Santa and all of that, it got a bit crazy!

The long and short of it is a local TV station gave me a challenge to spend $50 at a local Winn Dixie store and get enough groceries for a week using coupons.

It was my biggest trip ever and I really stressed over it. There was some concern about whether or not I could use my overage, but in the end they decided that as long as they weren't going to give me money BACK at the end of the transaction, it was all good.

Southern couponers know that Winn Dixie is difficult to save big compared to Publix. They don't have nearly as many store coupons to stack with manufacturer coupons. Stacking coupons is where you can really score big savings. I lucked out and we schedule the shop during a time when this particular store had an item on closeout that would net me 69 cents overage on each one. I had more than 70 coupons and purchased every singe one of them. Doing the math, I was paid nearly $50 to purchase those items! If I didn't have that much overage, there is no way my shopping trip would have been that amazing.

I also had to break it up in to three transactions to maximize the use of my $5 off $55 coupons.

Here's the video of the last part of the story.

And in case you are wondering, here's a good picture of all the groceries. In the end, I got more than $300 in groceries and spent exactly $37, including tax. If you factor out the sales tax, I actually spent closer to $20! It was a 90 percent savings!

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  1. Next time I go to Winn-Dixie I am taking you! I can't ever do well there but the closest Publix is 25 miles away!


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