Thursday, December 8, 2011

More paint color ponderings

I am totally in love with the grey paint we chose for the living room. It is so soft and soothing. It's neutral but it's not beige and boring. It brings me to a happy place. It really does! And the living room feels like a home and not just a bunch of furniture tossed in a room together. This is really a first for someone decorating challenged like me.

I'm absolutely LOVING Sherwin Williams Color Collections. It's taking a lot of the guess work out of things for someone who loves color and doesn't have a lick of decorating sense. I'm using the Color Pizazz scheme for the house.

We chose Mindful Grey as the wall color for the living room. Sassy Green for the dining room. And I'm leaning towards Peppercorn for the space between the picture molding and crown molding. Not sure what that area is called but I'm sure there's a proper name for it LOL

Now, I also have to decide what color to paint the reception hall. We had plans to keep the wall paper, but the kids started picking at the wall paper and now it looks terrible. The room is adjacent to the living room, but is separated by the columns. Any suggestions from this palette?

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