Thursday, December 8, 2011

Secret Santa

Well, I did a bad thing this year. I forgot to do one of our family traditions at the beginning of the month. And the kids remembered. Reminded me. And I still forgot. So, D had to organize our secret Santa service project.

I'm always impressed when the kids remember the traditions that involve them doing something for someone else. As much as they are quick to remind us of the things that get THEM some sort of reward, it's so much more awesome to see them excited about doing things for others.

Already there are whisperings about what sneaky nice things they can do for each other. This year, since the older kids have their own rooms, the go to answer seems to be cleaning up a sibling's room, making the beds, doing laundry. Danger girl thought very carefully before deciding she could definitely not do Leelee's algebra homework for her!

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