Friday, January 13, 2012

Small shopping trip

I didn't do much shopping this week. Just didn't have the right coupons. Not every week can be a big winner. I think I still ended up with about 80 percent savings. Not too bad.

My total was $10 plus tax after coupons.

(5) Apple & Eve juices (.75/1 blinkie)
(2) Dole Mandarin oranges (.50/1 printable)
(2) banquet chicken
(3) Green Giant frozen Veggie ($1/3)
Saigon Cinnamon ($2/1 YAB flyer)
Tooth Brush (.75/1 + $1/1 Publix Special Olympics coupon)

$5/25 Save A Lot competitor coupon

If I had done the Con Agra rebate from the fall, my total would have been even less! The rebate included a coupon for $5/2 banquet chickens. These were on sale for BOGO this week, so would have been FREE if I had the right coupons.

On this trip, I also had my first encounter at this Publix with a clerk who didn't understand the coupon policy. She told me that my $5/25 coupon was for my total AFTER coupons. But, ya know, she was going to be nice and let me do it this time.  Of course I told her I'd been couponing at that store for a very long time and I'd never been told it was the post coupon total. Heck, Winn Dixie doesn't even make you use their $5/55 as a post coupon total.

Just to be safe, I stopped at customer service to ask. If there was this big of a change in the coupon policy, I wanted to know about it because it was definitely going to impact my shopping strategy!

As expected, there was no change. Just a clerk who misunderstood when she was told to ring up the competitor coupon at the end of the transaction. Crisis averted.


  1. a 80% savings is pretty darn good I would say.

    Don't you just love it when the cashiers insist they know better than you.. Grrrr :)


  2. Awesome job! I didn't get that coupon booklet either, I never even knew about it! [most things I don't lol] Sadly Publix is hit and miss mostly I haven't had issues with q's. But even last week a cashier saw that it said Walmart, but was a manufacture coupon and they didn't want to take it. So perhaps we can say we are educating them! WTG


Thanks and have a great day!