Friday, January 20, 2012

Today is on hold

I have my knickers in a knot about something. And, I have a feeling its going to take most of today while I deal with the issue. If it's not solved by the end of the day, well then, I'm going to be a lot more upset than I am now!

I love Little B's school. It's the School for Normal Happy Children. Very much unlike the Stepford School for Overachievers and their Parents that Danger Girl attends. Things generally go right at the Normal Happy School. Problems are solved quickly. Parents are happy. Because everyone at the Normal Happy School is reasonable. Thank goodness.

Long story short is we're having some issues with the school bus. Totally out of the immediate control of the Normal Happy School. The last two nights Little B's bus has been late. Very late. Like freaking out and calling 911 kind of late. I didn't do that, but another parent did. Because we couldn't get in touch with anyone at the school OR at the district transportation office.

The bus was 90 minutes late. Ninety minutes.

So somewhere, the lines of communication are broken and it needs fixing. I'm in a fixing kind of mood.  I should be in a house cleaning mood. I'd rather be working on several other projects. But, the mama bear in me says this is the priority for the day. And when mama bear talks, everyone better listen!

I've put in emails to the principal, director of communication, school board members. Knickers definitely in a knot. And for once, D isn't having to hold me back from going mama bear crazy. He's having his own kind of crazy right now to deal with at work, so I have free reign to deal with this issue as I see fit.

How ballistic would you go if the bus was 90 minutes late and no calls from the school?


  1. My kids are out of school but if that had happened I would have been besides myself and probably sitting at the doors of the administration office when they opened. You go get 'em!!!


  2. I would probably be that parent calling 911, I would be calling school, 911, the board, and for sure I'd be at the school the next day! That is completely unacceptable, unless there is a traffic reason/weather problems but even at that, they should be calling into headquarters who should notify school!

  3. I don't have kids but I'm furious for you. I would have called 911 for you!


Thanks and have a great day!