Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Totals Winn Dixie

This is the post where all the naysayers about saving money on produce items can just...well, go away.

I did a happy dance in the produce section when I found $1/1 blinkie for the Dole salads that were BOGO. It was $3.79 for two, plus $2/off! so just 90 cents each bag! The avocados were BOGO. I missed out on the avocado coupon that was out, so that could have been even more savings. The limes weren't on sale, but the bananas were just 39 cents per pound since they started to turn already. My kids like eating the bananas at that stage, so it's really a great way to save.

I also scored an awesome deal on a few clearance items, including some Kikkoman Curry sauces that were 75% off! No coupon needed!

4 bags Dole Salad ($1/1 X4)
4 cans chicken ($1/2 X2)
2 Taco Bell sauce (.50/1)
2 Pace Picante Sauce (.50/2)
2 Avocados
3 limes
1 cup cake liner
4 lbs bananas
2 Krusteaz Crumb cake ($1/2 peelie)
4 Kikkoman Curry Sauces (75% off!)
Dean's Honey Mustard Dip (dairy markdown 50% off)
Stonyfield Yogurt (dairy markdown 75% off)
YoBaby Yogurt (dairy markdown 75% off)

$5/30 Enjoy the City Coupon

My total before coupons and sales was $85. After coupons and sales it was just $24!

And I had lots of non coupon items. That's where it really pays to use the $5 off coupons that WinnDixie prints out or the City Coupons...When I shop, I consider it $5 in "free" produce, dairy or meat.

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