Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The hole problem

It started out a simple enough problem: Some previous owner had cut a hole in the bathroom linoleum and just left it. Our plan was to just patch up the hole.

Easy Peasy.

We decided to remove an entire section of flooring and just deal with mismatched floor until we had the time and money to do a proper renovation.

Then, we found the hole problem. And it was much worse than we thought.

The wood is our original hardwood floor. The shiny is the duct work insulation. If that insulation were missing, the hole would show right through to the dirt under the house.

Not good.

This wasn't going to be an afternoon quick fix. That eventual bathroom renovation was happening now. And I had a whopping $350 budget to work with.

Begin hyperventilation.

My awesome husband could have gotten it all done Saturday, but then Danger Girl broke her finger...

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  1. argghh, there is nothing worse than starting what is supposed to be a small job and it turning into a massive one. Glad you've got to the bottom of it though.

    Lisa xoxo


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