Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Finals...I'm not a hoarder, I promise

Sometimes when I go shopping, I want to bring all six of my kids with me. Then, when I load up with 10 or more of each item, people don't mistake me for one of those couponers...The ones who clear the shelves for no other reason than they got there first.

Really, when I buy 7 boxes of cereal or 10 bottles of juice, it's because it's a reasonable amount for a family our size. If I were to give all the yogurt eaters in my house just one yogurt a day for a week, we'd go through nearly FIFTY, yes 5-0 containers. It's a bit mind boggling when you start to think about quantities.

I try to limit to 10 of like items per trip. But sometimes, I need more...and it's not always there. So, I have to go back to the store a few times to get what we need.

We are planting a garden soon. It's a necessity with a family this size. Your head would spin if I told you how much fresh produce we go through when the kids are home during the summer. It's all they want to snack on. I bought strawberries this week. We ate a pound in one afternoon. I froze the other two pounds. The week before, I picked up three pounds and turned it all in to jam.

At the store this week, I managed to pick up almost $160 worth for just $47! I noticed on my receipt that I bought the wrong sized Frosted Flakes and yet I still managed to have fantastic savings! And by Fantastic, I mean I saved a heck of a lot more than I spent.

7 boxes of cereal
10 bottles of juice
11 bottles pasta sauce
1 box of pasta (I know, right? But we usually use the sauce on other things besides pasta)
14 cans of soup
2 boxes of CheezIts
1 dozen Eggs
3 lbs Strawberries
2 boxes Fruit & Nut Breakfast
2 gallons of milk

I do get asked how much milk we go through in a week. It's just 2 gallons. We are not milk drinkers. Milk is more of an ingredient here, usually used with cereal. Everyone in the family is lactose intolerant. We do stock up on lactaid pills. Milk is typically purchased at Costco, but this week the coupons (and gas prices) made Publix the place for milk. It was buy 2 Kellogg's cereals and get $2 off $2 gallons of milk.  It made the milk $2.89/gal which isn't that bad. I also had coupons on the cereal, of course.

Is there anything your family goes through crazy amounts of? I'd love to hear about other family freaky food habits ha ha


  1. Sour cream and cream cheese :) really any kind of cheese.

    And our family, 5 out of the 6 of us drink milk ... We do about 15 gallons a month, easy.

  2. We only have 3 in our household and we go thur milk like its water. My boyfriend is addicted.


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