Friday, March 2, 2012

Growing up the blog

I love participating in these challenges. It gets me thinking about my goals and what I want to do with this blog.

Years ago, it started as a place to just share my thoughts on things. Now, it's completely different! I almost don't even recognize what the blog is now. And, I have readers that aren't family members! It's pretty crazy.

One of my biggest goals this year for the blog, I've already accomplished...buying my own domain. It is a bit ridiculous that I waited so long to do this. All it took was a credit card. But, it was a huge mental barrier I needed to cross. It's like I finally took the training wheels off.

I also plan to revisit the whole advertiser/sponsor thing. I don't want to make a ton of money on the blog. Just enough for a new pair of shoes or something. A new pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes would be nice. Maybe these lovelies.  But of course, I'd happily settle for these or even these.  My plan to obtain the shoes was thwarted earlier this month because my one "advertiser" decided that my dramatic jump in visitors to the blog was due to "suspicious" activities. It could never be because I started blogging with a purpose.

So, if someone would like to clue me in on getting sponsors, that would be all kinds of awesome.

Another goal is to start my own linky party. I need a theme, however. Still thinking on that.

The blog is also getting a facelift soon. I'm excited about that prospect. My dear friend who is an awesome illustrator is going to help me out.

Finally, I'd love to attend a blog conference. It's all part of the refining my vision and voice. It's writer stuff.

All in all, most of these goals are doable.

And I really want those shoes...


  1. I rather like your black/white checks...I'm going to have to follow you as a fellow (self-diagnosed) ADD project manager (housewife).,,,

  2. Nothing wrong with wanting some new shoes! And I can't believe what Google did to you ...

    Look into Lijit Media and Rivit Media for some ad opps for now...

    When I figure it out better, I'll be posting about it! Enough of this cloak of mystery crap. I share ...

    And thanks for linking up!



  3. I am now determined to help you get those shoes... I'm a new follower! :)

  4. I love when someone has a goal of buying shoes. I have a few of those. I am the same about the domain.

  5. Shoes...those were the days, huh? I'm with you...a return to the time when shoes are a possibility. Loved your post.

  6. Micki,

    Your own domain is pretty awesome to me! I know nothing about the benefits of that and I guess I should learn and think about it for my blog ... I'll hang out here and see what you share! BTW, I too have shoe desires! Glad I don't have to worry about you running the dishwasher at night now :)


  7. Gotta a love a gal who's goal is to buy a fab pair of shoes! Let's hit Neimans together!

    Love your goals - wouldn't it be nice to do what we love and get a few cents to boot (or buy boots)!


  8. You might have some luck over on the Etsy forums in regards to sponsors.

    Some stores will only go for "pro" shops might be enticed with low-cost ad-space. Food for thought: some pros start charging at $25+ for itty bitty 175x175 placeholders, so if you undercut the competition you may get some bites.

    You could also consider pitching weekly or monthly ad-space to your fellow bloggers. (because everyone deserves new shoes!)

  9. Love your goals, especially the shoes:) It would be nice to have this "hobby" bring in enough for some fun extras, wouldn't it.

  10. I love shoes! And what's up with that sponsor with no clue? You'll get more soon. I haven't gone that route yet...maybe someday. Nice to meet you, btw.

  11. great plan! lovely blog your newest fan :)

  12. A toast to new shoes! And owning your own domain name! New follower here!

  13. Thanks so much for linking up! I think the new shoes is a great place to start. :) We share many of the other goals, advertisers, blog conference...and I need to just buy my domain name already!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  14. these goals are totally doable! best of luck- a redesign is SO fun! thanks for sharing!

  15. Let's hear it for shoe shopping! You've got some great goals ~ I have advertisers on my list as well, so I'll look forward to following your progress!

  16. Thank you so much for linking to the party! You have a great "voice" when you write and an awesome sense of humor....two of my favorite things! I want those shoes too....especially the ones with the flower:)

    Thanks for the inspiration and have a blessed day.


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