Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last Minute Mom Miracle

Sometimes, my life feels like a sitcom desperately in need of a laugh track.

About a week ago, I got a Facebook message from a friend asking if I knew anyone who could sew and was willing to help with the costumes for the second grade play! And in my temporary insanity kindness I offered up myself as someone who could help.

Monday, I picked up this lovely fabric:

I was shown the dress they needed me to make, but not given an actual pattern.

Thank goodness it was a peasant dress and I knew I could make four dresses in an evening.

Because I'm such an awesome mom, I took two patterns and Frankensteined them together to create the pattern to recreate the dress.

In the end we ended up with four of these:

The performance was tonight and the kids did a fantastic job. I was so proud of my kid because she can carry a tune. Definitely doesn't take after her mom on that one! Danger Girl was one of the dancers for a rendition of Hard Knocks Life from Annie. None of the girls actually had to dress like Annie.

I distorted the faces, though I probably didn't need to. They are all about as clear as Danger Girl's...that is to say, I seriously need a camera besides the one on my phone!


  1. You are awesome mom! Thank you so much for your help :) I'm glad Danger Girl had fun last night -- second grade always puts on an amazing show.

  2. what a wonderful thing for you to do!


Thanks and have a great day!