Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ohhh a bloggy award

Ashley from Keeping up with the Joneses recently picked little ol' me for a bloggy award. I don't get noticed much in my little neck of the woods. She had some very nice things to say about me.  Be sure to check out her blog some great recipes and projects.

Leelee is sure to point out Lieb sounds like Love (lieben) in german. So this award is a little bit of bloggy love.

I am choosing five bloggers to get this award :) Please be sure to check them out and give a little bit of Lieben of your own in the form of comments.

A great food blog. And there's a cat involved. Always a good time. 

Crafty. Fun. I only recently found her blog and I now check it every day. You should, too. 

I totally stalk this blog. Lots of neat makeovers. And craigslist finds that never happen in my area. Envy.

A family chronically their move to Sri Lanka! wowsers!

Inspiration for dinner. Just what I like (need!) And also, she likes pie. I like pie. Pie is good.

Now, the rules of this bloggy love award state that the recipients need to be blogs that are up and coming (aww shucks) and have less than 200 followers. I wasn't sure whether that meant google or linky. so I went with linky since I heard the google thing was going away.

If you received my award, please nominate others and pass the love along! Let your recipients know you nominated them and link back. It's all sorts of fun love and a great way to get new followers :D


  1. lol the cat in the fridge! The last link have me some sort of weird security warning though so I didn't look.

  2. Congrats on the award! Cool projects on the other posts!

  3. Thanks so very, very much! Really appreciate it and I'm an avid visitor here, I just need to be better about commenting. REALLY, REALLY appreciate this C:

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It was winderful to read your kind words about my blog. I am truly honored! Micki, you have been a faithful follower, a great commenter, and I hope will become a wonderful friend. Thank you again!


  5. Hi Micki -- congrats on your award, and thanks for nominating me!We "Confessions" gals need to stick together!

  6. You are so very welcome! Thanks for linking back to me! :)

    Keeping Up With the Joneses

  7. Oooh, thank you! You just made my day (several days later)!


Thanks and have a great day!