Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The post where I get all sappy

Fifteen years ago today, I became a mother.

It's hard to believe.

The Boy was a preemie, 7 weeks early weighing 4 lbs 1 oz.

I have to say, I am rather relieved his looks improved.

And now, he's bigger than I am!

We've had some struggles. The Boy has Asperger's Syndrome which is a form of high functioning autism. For the most part he's doing really well. We are having some school struggles. It's not because he's not smart or capable. His school is on a modified block. This means they do four classes one day and four different classes the next. It's too much back and forth for him and he tends to miss work and feel overwhelmed.

We tend to be free range parents and letting our kids fly when they are ready. This is a time when our little bird came back to us after making a giant SPLAT as he flew straight in to a window. The window was beautiful stained glass and we all warned him not to fly into it to get a better look, but ya know, he's a teenager and knows better than we do. So he went SPLAT and now we're trying to get him to able to know how to walk through doors instead. The windows are cool and all, but he gets distracted by his own reflection!

Recently, he asked for a computer. We told him not until he could pay for it himself. So he begged and scavenged and built himself his own computer without spending any money! He's very resourceful.

He wants to drive. Our condition: He has to be an Eagle Scout first. He was a pretty dedicated scout before. When he decides he likes something, there's no turning him away from it. He has more reason than ever to love scouting if it means he gets to drive!

He takes his responsibilities at church very seriously. We don't have a lot of young men in our congregation, so The Boy helps pass the sacrament each week still. It's usually a job for the 12-13 year old boys. We have three and need about 7 to get the job done. On a recent scouting overnight, The Boy reminded the other scouts they needed to read their Scriptures before bed. He wants to serve as a missionary when he's 19.

Listening to my friends with boys this age, we don't have many of the same struggles. Girls? Not even on the radar. Mouthy? Sure, but it's more like 10 year old boy mouthy, not teenager mouthy. Believe me, we're getting to know teenager mouthy with Leelee! He still is very much a little kid. He plays with legos and nerf guns. He loves Star Wars. He's our little Sheldon Cooper


  1. Happy birthday Boy and Mommy!!!

  2. He and my grandson Daniel would be great friends....I worry about him all the time.

  3. Hi Micky - I enjoy reading your journey as a Mom - especially to a son with Asperger's. I am a Mom also - and was Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop - for over 6 years. My youngest is now 20 - he has Asperger's and is NOT an Eagle Scout. My older son is an Eagle. On behalf of many Scoutmasters, - we really hate it when parents tell their son's they must become an Eagle before they can get their drivers license. Being an Eagle is great - but it's not the end all of everything. It's OK to be in scouting for all the wonderful things it offers. My son can do so many things that he learned from Scouts - but he is not an Eagle. He was a Life Scout with only 1 merit badge and his Eagle project left. Doing an Eagle project is extrememly difficult - especially without the parents getting involved. Too many parents try to do their sons project for them. Honestly - please don't make this a condition on him driving. He should be an Eagle because he wants to be one - not because his parents want him to be one. I hope I am not overstepping my bounds here - I just want you to know it's OK - and I AM a Scoutmaster (and a female one too!) I had over 100 boys in my troop.

  4. Sue: I appreciate your feedback :) The boy is very motivated to get his Eagle. Scouts is one of the few activities he really does well in and enjoys. We have found that we need to give him goals that piggy back like eagle/driving. Another contingency is he needs to make certain grades (this is something he's not doing right now). He already has a great idea for an Eagle project. If we didn't think this was good currency for him, we wouldn't do it. I've found that some kids, it works differently.


Thanks and have a great day!