Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some picker picks

When your husband of nearly 18 years says "Honey, I heard on the radio about this huge antique sale thing today. Did you want to go?"

The answer is YES!

Then, when you get back you can wonder where your husband actually is and what this body snatcher has done with him. Because my husband would never in a million years suggest to go looking at an antique store, flea market, yard sale, etc. He believes its a form of torture.

I'm still wondering what actually came over D that it was his idea to go. Even crazier still is that last weekend, he wanted to again.

I may be bringing him over to the dark side.

I hit the sale with a purpose: I wanted a chair and some type of end table.

But the first thing I saw was this:

I'm not really a jewelry person, but recently I've come to adore chunky necklaces. This one definitely needed to come home with me. And since I don't normally ask for jewelry, D had no problems agree to the purchase.

We spent the next couple of hours going back and forth trying to find some goodies that really spoke to me.

Hello, please take me home and love me. And paint me. Promise me you will never ever stick a lamp back in that hole. Then, I will be yours.

I am a chair. I am old. I am reinforced. I am the exact same color as your floor. A boppy pillow fits perfectly in my seat and will provide a uniquely odd sense of comfort. Almost like a post surgical donut pillow. But weirder.

Even though, I am just a piece of fabric decoupaged to a canvas, I will make your husband happy. I contain all the colors of the bedroom, including the orange walls you were deciding whether or not to keep. The orange walls will remain because together we create zen. Or at least enough Asian inspired zen that perhaps your husband will no longer push to have the living room completely in an Asian theme. I am a $12 compromise.

I'll be sure to share the makeovers later this week. And D is pretty happy there is one less room to repaint. Since the orange is staying.


  1. Hey Micki - first, wanted to let you know that you won the Easter wreath! Email me at scrapityanne@gmail.com and we'll get the address info.

    As for this post. I LOVE that necklace!!! What a find, so pretty. And I love the chair as well. That looks very well made and is so decorative. COngrats on your great finds!!

    Lynn @ Scrapity Anne

  2. Whenever I go to fleamarkets/yardsales/antique malls all the stuff seems to say to me is "nope, not this one"

    Maybe that's my husband who says that. And who am I kidding, I don't go to antique malls.

  3. That looks like fun! I haven't been "anituquing" in awhile! I want to go! ...Jill

  4. My oh my, do I love every one of these! Even the $12 compromise. An the table did ask to be painted. I heard it! I am your newest follower, will you follow me back? www.bargain-ista.com.

    1. Karen: I love your blog and already follow :) I love a good bargain!


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