Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To paint or not to paint

I recently picked up this beauty in the rough:

My TV is going to live on top.

I'm on the fence about painting it. I have painted most of the furniture in the living room. Would painting this be overkill? Am I going to look back at my furniture painting frenzy with as much love as say...the wood paneling someone put over the plaster walls in our house in the late 60s, forty years later?

This is a solid piece of furniture.

If I paint it, I'm thinking a soft yellow.  And maybe oil rubbed bronze for the drawer pulls? Because I'm not as inclined to update those. I think they are pretty retro-cool.

As an aside: Those aren't my muddy foot prints...that's pollen! My car is already coated in it. And walking in from the outside just tracks it all over the house! YUK.

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  1. have you considered painting it but leaving part original? Paint the top or the drawers but not both? it is pretty wood


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