Monday, April 9, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

I had grand plans for a grand third birthday party for Little Miss. I was totally inspired to do an Alice in Wonderland themed garden party.

I was going to have croquet. Leelee agreed to dress as the Queen of Hearts and teach the kids how to play. We were going to have a bubble blowing caterpillar. I was going to make a Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum photobooth.

And the refreshments...oh they were going to be AMAZING.

Then...the kitchen sink backed up. Well, let me back up a moment...

I was making dinner when I heard a POP and water started pouring out from under my kitchen sink. The pipe connection had become undone. Not good. I took the kids to activities at the church so D could fix things. That put me about three hours off from completing my amazing party plan.

That night, the sink was semi-functional, but it still wasn't draining properly. No idea what was going on. The next morning, I had an IEP meeting for The Boy. It's not something one can miss. Ever. After that, I tried hard to get the house recovered from a full day without being able to clean in the kitchen OR do laundry. Followed that up with a promise to Little B to finally see The Hunger Games...

Well, you can see where my time for constructing the Wonderful Wonderland Party was completely gone.

Worse yet, the morning of the party...storm clouds.

I made a frantic trip to the dollar store hoping for inexpensive inspiration for an outdoor party that was now going to be indoors.

Oh and I can't forget a frantic call to my incredible artist friend who asked if she could do anything to help...And she brought over this:

Hey, where's his smile?

And the kids played an ever so exciting game of Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat...The ridges of the white paper plates made the perfect smiles to pin!

Fun & Games!

When the little ones weren't playing games and dancing, they sat on our porch blowing bubbles. Honestly, handing each child a bottle of bubbles upon arrival was the best decision I made. Half the party was spent with them happily chasing bubbles.

My adorable White Rabbit going down the rabbit hole didn't quite go off as intended...

rabbit? what rabbit?

Unfortunately, the heat got the better of the bunny ears and feet. The rabbits looked more like roadkill...

We also snacked on disappearing Cheshire Cat Smiles. Apples, peanut butter and marshmallow teeth. The highlight, and the one and only thing that actually went as planned for the party, were the edible tea cups. I found the recipe here, and made a few modifications several changes to suit the taste buds of my preschool guests.

so freaking cute, right? right?

Edible Tea Cups

Ice Cream Cones
Peach Rings

Using a serrated knife, carefully saw off the bottom of the ice cream cones. Generously frost the cookie, then place the ice cream cone cup on the icing. The icing is our glue. 

Cut the peach rings in half, coating each cut end in icing and attaching to the side of the ice cream cup.

Fill with candy.

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  1. Awww. I'm glad you made the most of the party. That Cheshire cat is darling! And so are the tea cups. I bet she had a blast.. even if your sink was giving YOU a headache! :)

    If it makes you feel better I featured you over on my blog today. You really do inspire me! I don't know how you can do it all!

    Hope your next week is a little less stressful!

  2. That was hilarious, I liked the roadkill cupcakes...looks like something that would have happened to me. It all looked awesome. Sorry about your sink :(

  3. Oh my gosh! You have so many blogs! How do you do it all??? I can barely keep up with one! I love the party theme and everything was so cute. You did great ... bad sink and all :)

  4. Sorry about your sink but I think your party looked great. The roadkill bunnies were funny and the smile on the cat game was SO cute. I'm sure the kids enjoyed themselves. :)

  5. This looks like such a fun party. I would love for you to link up to my Linky Party via:

    Mrs. Delightful

  6. What a fun party!
    I want to do an alice themed party just so I can make cheshire cat cup cakes, I think I saw then on the disney family site but they use yellow skittles for eyes and something like peach rings but white, cut in half with score marks for the grin :)

    I found a link!

  7. Oh, what a fun party!! I love Alice in Wonderland!!! Bubbles make the kids happy, no worries there!!

  8. I love those edible tea cups! How cute!

  9. Considering all the obstacles that stood in your way it seems the me the party turned out perfect! Kids are kids and they just love the smallest things sometimes (like bubbles!). And I love that pin the smile on the cheshire cat! So cool.

    And those edible teacups! priceless!

    great job!


  10. Those teacups are intense! How creative!

  11. hysterical...but you know, when things go boom, you just gotta roll with it! I bet you were the only one who knew it didn't go off as planned!

  12. Way to turn trouble into triumph! The kids look/sound like they had fun and that was the goal! The roadkill rabbits made me laugh. The teacups are great. Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share.

  13. Hi Micki, your edible tea cups are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing these at Project Queen last week. I will be featuring them tomorrow night at the highlight party.

  14. I absolutely love the teacups!! How fun. My daughter loves her tea set right now, those edible versions would be a fun afternoon treat!

  15. These are too cute! Well done!

  16. Ha, I can relate to the wilted bunnies. One year at my daughters summer bday, the frosting slide right off the cupcakes in one piece.

  17. Those are adorable! Love the tea cups. And I love the bunnies too - I bet they tasted wonderful even melted!

  18. This is my greatest fear with parties: What if they don't go as planned??? It's bound to happen at some point. And at least they were young enough to still have fun with bubbles (seriously I've had bubbles at every one of my preschooler parties - biggest hit ever!). And those tea cups are fabulous. :)
    Thanks for linking up to Pin-ed it, Made it.

  19. What a fun party! The pin the smile on the Chesire cat is too fun. And those tea cups are DARLING!

  20. Such a fun party! Those are adorable!

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  22. What an incredibly sweet party. I might have to plan my own Alice and Wonderland party in the near future, thanks for the inspiration!

  23. What a beautiful party, I love the details so clever and fun, poor bunny cupcakes

  24. what a clever idea! I'm sure my little cousin would love this! I can't wait for her to grow up a little so we can have tea parties :)


Thanks and have a great day!